Enrollment is Closed

Welcome to HTS. Enrollment for 2017-2018 is closed for the majority of our classes. You may see all of our open classes by clicking on Course Descriptions & Enrollments and looking at the Status of each class in the upper right corner of the course description.  Read the FAQs above and the articles in the"More About HTS" section below for more information about HTS. If you have any questions prior to clicking on the JOIN button in the upper right section of your screen, please contact Corinne Hayes at htsadmin@harvesterpca.org. We look forward to being a part of your homeschool journey. 

Welcome to HTS!

Harvester Teaching Services (HTS) provides solid academic and elective classes to the Northern Virginia homeschooling community as well as practical assistance to parents who desire to educate their children from a Biblical worldview. HTS goes far beyond offering classes. It is the mission of HTS to create a community that comes alongside and partners with parents in discipling their children - not merely to "serve the Lord," but to love the Lord their God with every fiber of their being. We want to minister to the heart of children AND their parents! This is one reason why the HTS ministry is unique. We want to provide a context that is intentionally relational in its focus, opportunities, and tools. This mission will drive not only the "what" we do, but "how" we do it.

More About HTS

HTS Overview – 3/6/2017
   • Statement of Faith    • Vision for Classes    • 2017-2018 Academic Calendar    • Family Agreement    • Mission    • 2017-2018 Schedule
Directions to HTS – 4/2/2017
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Spelling Bee Registration Open
December 11 - Monday
Practice SAT Test
December 13 - Wednesday
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Spelling Bee Registration Open
December 18 - Monday


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