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Enrollment is CLOSED for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. If you are interested in joining HTS next year, please read the Family Agreement and peruse the FAQs to find out more about HTS, then contact Corinne Hayes at htsadmin@harvesterpca.org if you have more questions.

Harvester Teaching Services (HTS) provides solid academic and elective classes to the Northern Virginia homeschooling community as well as practical assistance to parents who desire to educate their children from a Biblical worldview. We desire to minister to the heart of children AND their parents! This is one reason why the HTS ministry is unique.

Five distinctives of HTS:

  • PreK through High School classes
  • Core academic JH/HS classes taught by instructors with degrees or extensive experience in the subject they are teaching
  • Academically rigorous HS classes prepare students for college
  • Grades in JH/HS core academic classes provided by instructors
  • Bible study for Mom
  • Resource Center (library) with thousands of items, including curricula, available for check out

Hear what parents have to say about HTS:

A special shoutout to all the teachers this year (2019-2020)!! Thank you for giving our kids a place to feel welcome and safe, for encouraging and challenging them! A HUGE thanks for adapting to online teaching without missing a beat! Having that consistency in our lives has definitely made this last couple of months bearable!!--KO

We moved to Virginia from California in 2007. I was homeschooling my last 2 sons, 10th grade and 1st grade. I had been homeschooling for a number of years, so I set out doing my research for a homeschool co-op, classes, and extracurricular activities. We found Harvester Teaching Services (HTS) and it was a perfect fit. I loved the 2 days a week, the classes offered met our curriculum needs, and the extra activities and field trips rounded out our homeschool journey. Having the HTS community come alongside our family was truly a gift from God. Through the encouragement, prayer, and support, I did not stand alone in facing the mountains and valleys on the journey of homeschooling. We stood and held one another through tears or shouts of rejoicing. HTS was there for me and my family. We formed valuable and lasting friendships. HTS is more than a community; it is a family.--KT

The teachers at HTS have really helped me shepherd my children. Sometimes it’s not all about academics, which I think all homeschool moms appreciate. The lessons my children learned from Mrs. T about entering the throne room and the importance of prayer made such an impact; the appreciation of the arts, including composers and artists, has extended beyond the classroom; even how to resolve interpersonal problems that arise during class in a calm and thoughtful way. These lessons are things that could so easily have been ignored, but instead, that they have been highlighted is one of the many reasons that I love the community at HTS.--PT

Over the past 13 years all six of our children have taken various classes at Harvester Teaching Services. Our initial attraction to HTS was for high school level science. Then came some SAT prep as well as Spanish and Speech and Literature and Writing along with the higher mathematics. In our experience, the classes are well taught by accomplished and very dedicated teachers. Academic rigor, excellence, and accountability are the pillars of the program all balanced on the firm foundation of a Christian worldview. There is a joy among the staff that speaks of a freedom to be found in the Christian walk. In choosing HTS as a community to assist in the education of their children, home educators can be assured of an unapologetically Christian environment where students can pursue knowledge and virtue in an environment that honors God in word and in deed.—LH

We genuinely love being a part of the HTS community. We are surrounded by kind people who are encouraging and share a similar vision for their children’s growth in knowledge and in God. Our daughter has flourished under her teachers’ care and guidance, and we are so grateful for her continued experiences at HTS. One of the things that impressed my husband and me most about HTS as prospective members was the high standard of academically focused classes-- our experience with classes and teachers this first year did not disappoint.--JM

Harvester Teaching Services has been an absolute blessing to me and my family. It’s so much more than a co-op, it’s a second loving and caring family! It’s a place where Jesus Christ is invited and alive in each and every classroom. With that said, the classes are legit and mostly taught by retired professionals of the subjects they choose to instruct. My family is military and will be relocating this summer, but we are planning to TRY and return to NOVA, especially HTS, after our assignment ends in 2021.—JF

One of the reasons many choose to homeschool is the benefit the 1-1 tutorial relationship brings. It enables the parent to meet both the individual learning style needs of their child and address any special needs their child might have. If you believe your child has specific learning needs or challenges, we respectfully request that you contact the Director prior to joining HTS. Our desire is to walk side-by-side with parents and children to provide a positive homeschool experience, and beginning the year with knowledge enables HTS instructors and staff to do just that.

Please send all payments to:

Harvester Teaching Services

PO Box 163

Mount Vernon, VA 22121

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